Organic Gardening and it’s environmental benefits

My favorite Basil, an excellent source of vitamin K and manganese

Organic gardening is one way to save money on your grocery bill – many organic gardeners save thousands of peso on fresh fruit and vegetables each year. Better yet, eating organic produce protects your health. Even fruits and vegetables labeled as “organic” at the grocery store often aren’t organic at all. If you grow your food yourself though, you know exactly what you’re getting. Here are some benefits of Organic Gardening:

  1. When you garden organically, you greatly reduce your exposure to pesticides, which have been linked to many severe health problems.
  2. Organically-grown food is more nutritious than food grown using conventional methods.
  3. Organic gardeners tend to use “muscle-power” rather than “machine-power” for gardening tasks, thereby burning more calories.
Seedlings on an old bucket

Organic gardening is beneficial to both your health and your wallet – and can save you a great deal of time. By choosing to work with nature, you make nature your ally. Instead of spending a lot of time addressing problems created by unnatural farming techniques, you can enjoy your garden as nature intended. Best of all, organic gardening is easy to learn and you can start one in only a couple of hours with minimal supplies!

Backyard Gardening in the City

Organically Grown Food is More Nutritious

Studies have shown that food grown organically has more antioxidants than food grown using conventional methods. The reason behind this is that when plants are under certain kinds of natural stress, such as insects, diseases, or weather extremes, they produce compounds called flavonoids, many of which are antioxidants. When the plant is “babied” and protected against these stresses by pesticide and fertilizer applications, it doesn’t have to fight, and therefore produces fewer antioxidants.

Recycling – Reuse

Organic Gardeners Burn More Calories

Organic gardeners tend to not only be concerned with things like pesticide risk and nutrition—they’re also typically concerned about the environment. Why grow chemical-free, nutrient-dense food and then go on to pollute the air you’re breathing? Organic gardeners are more likely to use “muscle power” rather than “machine power.” To that end, they burn more calories working in the garden. It may not seem like a big difference, but it can add up.

Me buying some seedling 🙂


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