Climb Advisory: Beware of theft in Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Romelo!

Source: Sir Gid’s Website

Mt. Sembrano Summit periodically issues “Hiking advisories” as a form of warning to fellow climbers as regards conditions in various mountains. However, they are a matter of personal opinion and must be read in that light.

In response to reports of theft in Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Romelo, and the apparent lack of action on the part of the concerned authorities, we are issuing this climb advisory to warn hikers to avoid camping in these mountains and to be vigilant about their belongings at all times.

Clearing of Mt. Sembrano

The history of theft in Mt. Sembrano is very long. On March 9, 2009, a Hiking Advisory was also issued, after several reports of theft. As for Mt. Romelo, there have also been countless reports of theft since 2004; our alarm has been more heigtened with reports of recent theft (Dec. 23, Dec. 27, Jan 3, etc.) Several complaints have been filed last year but there has not been any improvement in the situation.

Water Source – Mini Falls at Mt. Semrano

The occurences of the theft were usually during the evening, and they almost always take place at the campsites. There have been no reports of open assaults or holdups. Nonetheless, this thievery is an affront to the healthy relationship that must exist between mountaineers and locals. We appeal to the local governments in Pililla, Rizal and Siniloan, Laguna, to intensify efforts to make these hiking destinations a safe place to be enjoyed by mountaineers and locals alike.

Feb 2009 climb with Takip Silim Outdoors

Moreover, for the time being we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE climbers to camp in Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Romelo; if you must really climb these mountains then do it as a dayhike. We are not afraid of petty thieves but we must show the locals in all mountaineering destinations that they have a responsibility to maintain peace and order if they wish to have visitors in their place. Climbers are encouraged to pressure the local officials to act by reiterating our collective desire for security and our indignation against thievery.

Mt. Sembrano Forest Trail

On our Feb 2010 climb @ Mt. Sembrano, a group of students we’re robbed at the summit while they are sleeping. Pls. beware of this person if you’re still planning to take the hike (Mt. Sembrano).

Take extra good care of your things and don’t leave it un-attended. It’s not easy to invest on trekking gears especially if you go for branded.

Name: Joel of Mt. Sembrano, you can easily identify him because he is wearing branded mountaineering gear

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  1. i like the very first picture. sana mapuntahan o maakyat ko din mga napuntahan nyo.. thanks for sharing kahit saan nagkalat ang magnanakaw. just be aware lang sa kapaligiran

  2. Salamat po sa pagbasa, ingat po palagi!

  3. mark martir says:

    parang ndi nmn yang yung magnanakaw sa sembrano..kasi dpat nuon plang nanakawan naq ng taong yan..napakabait nyang taong yan..nagkamali lng siguro kayo ng napag bintangang kahit kanino nyo ipag tanong sa baba ng bundok kilala yan ndi bilang magnanakaw kundi isang matulunging tao..RODEL po ang pangalan ng taong magnanakaw sa MT.SEMBRANO edad ay 20pababa at ngayo’y patuloy parin pinaghahahanap ng mga otoridad dahil sa panibagong kasong PAGNANAKAW AT ARSON….. sana paki delete na yang picture na yan dahil walang katotohanan yan!! ingat ingat din sa pagbibintang! 🙂 (SAMPA)

    1. Tikboy says:

      Yan yung humabol sa amin at plano kami holdapin!

      1. Lakbay Diwa says:

        Oo siya din yung humabol sa amin nung pumanik kami sa Mt. Sembrano last year. So sad may mga ganyang tao.

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