Mt. Romelo and it’s magical falls

Mt. Romelo – popularly known as Famy, is located in Famy, Laguna and is part of the legendary Sierra Madre Mountain Range with a 300+ MASL. It is the most accessible hiking destination for Manileños because travel time is just three hours from Manila.

Buruwisan Falls photos courtesy of Bart Vallejo

It is flanked with five majestic waterfalls namely Buruwisan – the biggest and the most scenic of all, Lansones – the highest, Sampaloc, Batya-batya and the other less visited falls. Base camp is wide and amply covered with secondary growth forest.

Batya-batya Falls

When And How To Go
SUMMER is the best time to climb Romelo…during rainy season, the trail is extremely slippery plus blood sucking limatiks infest the trail during wet season making your climb uncomfortable.

To go there take a jeep from EDSA Central bound for Tanay, ride another jeepney to Famy then take a tricycle to Barangay Macatad, Siniloan.

Trail during summer

Suggested Itinerary:

DAY 1:
3 hours – travel to Brgy. Macatad jump-off
30 mins – registration and prepare to ascend
2 to 3 hours — trek to basecamp
the rest of the day – rappelling, exploration, socials, etc…

DAY 2:
before 12 noon – rappelling, explore other falls, swimming, etc..
1 hour – break camp and prepare for descend
2 hours – trek back to jump-off
3 hours – travel back to Manila

EDSA Central – suggested assembly area
Saturday 5am – suggested start time
Sunday 6am – estimated end time

Mt. Romelo photos courtesy of Bart Vallejo

*The ground is very slippery during rainy season so make sure you have a good footwear or trek shoes, sandals or mojos are not advisable.

**There are some stores along the campsite where you can buy canned foods and pay for them to be cooked (usually fried or sauteed). Mineral water is being sold and ice is brought in very early in the morning so mildly cold softdrinks and beer can be had anytime of the day.

***Special Concern: Beware of theft at Mt. Romelo! The occurences of the theft were usually during the evening, and they almost always take place at the campsites. There have been no reports of open assaults or holdups.

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