The never ending trail of Mt. Tapulao

Mt. Tapulao “Bunker”

29 hours climb in the making….if someone will ask me to go back here I would say thank you very much but… “NO”… 😛

The never ending trail

Mt. Tapulao as they called it “Poor Man’s Pulag”… will definitely give you a heck of none stop walking… if you’re planning to trek this mountain pls. don’t forget to bring lots of courage and patience!

While on our way, we meet a “Deer Hunter”

This is my first time to eat “Deer’s Meat”… yeah I am a certified “BAMBI” eater! And I’m not proud of it 😦 It just happen that I got curious of its taste while my team’s grilling its tender meat on fire. I hope locals here will not hunt these creatures that often so they will not get extinct.

I named this cat “Garfield” we found it at the Bunker

* Never climb this mountain without: comfortable and durable trekking shoes and water proof/thermal jacket
** Jump-off: Brgy. Damapay-Salaza | Major Climb, Difficulty 6/9, Trail class 3 | (15 kms to Bunker)

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dee Quixotic says:

    this is challenging! I want to try Tapulao!

  2. arki_tech says:

    This is my Architrectural Thesis last 2010. Conclusion? Mt. Tapulao is Amazing!

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