Fiesta: Lechon at Basaan sa Balayan Batangas

IMG_3294The Parada ng Lechon (roasted pig parade) a festival is held annually every 24th of June, the feast day of San Juan (Saint John the Baptist).

Lechon is one of Batangas delicacy, and even in other provinces in the Philippines. It’s a main dish most batagueños have for celebrations or fiestas. According to the old villager, lechon was served before the Spanish arrived in the Philippines. The dish became a symbol of Batangas tradition to serve lechon during celebrations.IMG_3351You should be aware that if you wanted to be part of this celebration you’ll going to be wet as people all over the town will eventually pour, hit, shoot you water 🙂 And because I have prepared the day before, I haven’t bring my DSLR but rather borrow my friend’s under water camera to capture the smiles and everything in this event.

These are the pictures taken the day before the main event:

My day begins checking out how they prepare the good old and crispy Lechon. This is usually done before the Basaan we visit a slaughterhouse and ask Kuya to demonstrate the killing. (disturbing scene deleted ha ha ha)
We also visit Balayan Baywalk, it’s so nice to see City of Balayan putting up a project like this where everyone can enjoy and relax for free.
And syempre we have watch the Band Parade with cute and sexy majorettes oh how I love their red costumes/uniform. Unfortunately I forget to bring my camera when we visit the perya 😦 so no more pictures for the rides and the games

These are the pictures taken during the Basaan and Lechon Parade, I was literally taking a bath on the street while capturing the smiles and everything from the parade… quite a fun and overwhelming experience 🙂

I was asking for this Kid’s smile but I’ve got a dipper of water plus a laugh instead 😀
Watch out for these guys above, they will definitely love to throw you a basin or atleast a glass of cold water
Even the “Kuya” Police replace their guns with water guns and hose to celebrate with us
The Town is decorated with Banderetas and you’ll find several mini concert stage like this where you can sing along with the band and maki-barek or drink some beer with them. Oh by the way people won’t mind if you don’t have a talent you just need some guts to sing 😛
I was hiding from Kuya, look at his deadly weapon ha ha ha LOL
I was excited to eat this lechon after the parade
San Juan Baustista, the Patron of Balayan Town
Now tell me can I bring my DSLR? ha ha ha
I told Ate to pose but she shoot me with her water gun
Thank you Balayan for the fun and wet fiesta

Want more pictures? click here!


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  1. THE VIBE 101 says:

    I love the Philippines

  2. I really blog as well and I am publishing a thing comparable to this particular blog, “Fiesta:
    Lechon at Basaan sa Balayan Batangas |”.

    Do you mind in case I actuallywork with a number of of your personal suggestions?

    Thanks for your effort -Eusebia

    1. Hi Eusebia;

      How can I help you, I’ve checked your website you’re blogging about soccer 🙂

  3. Bernie Consigo says:

    is that Jay Castillo sa last picture?

    1. yes it was him indeed

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