The uncrowded side of Boracay

Everybody loves Boracay! The beach, the nightlife, the party, the crowded place, the hype and people from every part of the world. If you are looking for a quite place to spend your vacation maybe Boracay is not for you, most of the people who doesn’t enjoy crowded and commercialize beach would choose Palawan or Cebu.

This empty plateau is part of Boracay Ecovillage, foresty area whre you can find several species of birds and monkeys. From Puka Beach, look for the resort logo and you can trek on the hill going to the Ecovillage.

But did you know that you can still find serenity in this small but crammmed island. I’ve been in Boracay twice, my second visit gave me a chance to experience what this island can offer other than what we are seeing from the magazines and ads.

In the other side of this peninsula you will find deserted shores of Yapak or Puka Beach, Lapuz Lapuz Beach, the seclude Diniwid Beach and Bulagog Beach which is deserted during summer season. A different view from famous stations that we are used to.

Yapak or Puka Beach. The second most popular beach on Boracay. It’s a 20 minute ride away from the famous White Beach but a more quiet place especially when you go there in the early morning you can sometimes have the place all to yourself, which can be pretty special experience.

There are huts on the beach that you can relax in, they are built on the big cliff that stretches along the back of the beach. Usually people just chill out on the sand though. At dusk the giant bats come out, you can see them flying across the tops of the cliffs.

Yapak or Puka Beach is somewhat how I imagined the Old Boracay used to be. Not too many establishments lined up on the beach, still rustic but has a lot of charm. There is a jewlery market famous for Puca shells, a good restaurent on the beach with a large seafood menu.
To know the place is to know the people, having chitchats with these local kids who even gave me a gift (collections of beautiful puka shells)
During our visit I didn’t see any Pinoys around Puka beach, foreign tourist with their family prefer this place than famous White Beach.
Our next stop is private beach, you need to reserve a room to experience the shore. We are fortunate to know someone who is a member of the resort club and also was our BOSS driver during our trip here.

Lapuz Lapuz Beach. A stunning secluded area inside Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Resort that can only be accessed by guests. The emerald water has several spots of algae which creates a beautiful visual effect on the landscape.

The beautiful rock formation as my background, picture perfect!

This is quite a long, white sandy beach through which you can travel both to the western as well as the eastern parts of the Boracay island. The Lapuz Lapuz beach is actually a combination of four private white sandy beaches.

The infinity pool of Fairways & Bluewater Newcoast Resort. Behind it is the “get away arch” rock formation.

Links to natural trails, If you want to visit the huge dense forest of the Boracay island, the good news is that you won’t need a tour guide for the purpose. This is because this beach is filled with extensive trails which go as far as that dense jungle and all you have to do is to follow those trails; in the same fashion, you can also visit the famous bat cave of the island and explore it fully.

Riding a horse while exploring the beach, super epic!

Diniwid Beach. This peaceful beach is only 200 meters long and a short walk from the north end of White Beach along the Fairways and Blue Water road. Those who undertake the trek are rewarded with one of the best views of the island from a platform rock. Built on a steep, high seacliff at the end of Diniwid Beach, is an exclusive resort home area.

There is a gorgeous cliff that extends out into the ocean which is perfect for jumping into the azure blue water with local children. When you finish, continue to walk and you will find a wonderful small beach with huge rocks and boats scattered on the shore.
Perfect for “sunset spotting”. Do not miss the “spider house”, a very cool place for a relaxed cocktail
Away from the crowds of central white beach and with some rocks, Diniwid provides a nice alternative.

Bulabog Beach. Is the kite and windsurfing beach of Boracay. During the windy season (November to April) you can see the wind and kitesurfers blasting and jumping across the water. If you are interested in learning one of these sports then there are plenty of beginner-friendly schools along the beach to choose from.

I always dream of doing this, but I think I need to first learn to swim 😛

Bulabog Beach comes alive during the early months of each year when windsurfers skim through its waters. Amateurs and professionals take advantage of the strong winds as they race from one end to the other, truly a windsurfer’s paradise. In addition to windsurfers, kiteboarders also now enjoy the strong wind until the month of June and July, when the southwest monsoon begins. Bulabog Beach is often deserted, allowing you to feel the “Other side” of boracay during a walk there. Bulabog offers a 2.5-kilometer white sand beach. Its sand is not as fine and powdery as those you find in White Beach, however. Other bigger accommodations, restaurants and bars can also be found along the beach.

Wind Sport, we spend our afternoon here to cool down from the hot sun.

Bulabog has its own dedicated group of beach worshippers who come here each high season to catch the perfect winds, for this is a kite surfers’ haven, and the most famous for this sport in the Philippines. Finding the right route into Bulabog is not all that easy. The sure way is to take the small road that branches off the main island artery opposite de Mall shopping arcade.

My three travel buddies, always game to stroll the whole island

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