Baler, the heart of Aurora

I’ve been eyeing for so may destinations in Luzon but Baler was not on my Travel Bucket list until I’ve found a very affordable online deal for an overnight stay at Baylerview Hotel via Ensogo. So my hubby and I decided to booked for a stay last December 2012, and we’re so very glad we did… pictures below will tell you the story why:

Baler beach is known as the birthplace of surfing in the Philippines

Baler is the capital and oldest municipality of Aurora Province, it is the seat of government and the center for trade and industry. The most progressive town in Aurora, Baler commands the most resorts, public institutions and facilities, as well as business establishments.


The front view of the Hotel
For P649.00 for an overnight stay for 2 with breakfast, WINNER! All their rooms have air-conditioning, private toilet and bath, hot and cold shower, 19″ LCD flat screen cable television and WiFi spot.
You have a choice of continental or Filipino breakfast

For more info you can contact them via:
Mobile: +639273638735 (GLOBE) or +639192863105 (SMART).
Check out more of the hotel pictures here.


Beside from surfing, there are still a lot of sights that tourists can gaze in awe while in Baler. My hubby and I rented a tricycle after we check in, we just have one whole day to explore this place. With P800.00 you can ask Manong to tour you around, don’t forget to bring water and snacks because you will be needing this believe me, sari-sari stores are hard to find on some tourist spot listed below.


Seeing these majestic water-wonders will always remind me of how beautiful Baler is, I really hope our next generation will still experience this adventures of mine 🙂

Mother Falls: Among the three falls that I visited this is my fave, I love the way going up here. It’s been quite a while since my last climb so when I’ve heard from Manong that there will be a 15mins trek … my heart jumps for joy. Our P10.00 donation for the care taker on the jump off is really worth it.
I call this, “Gate to Mother Falls” hiding behind this man-made steps is the majestic Mother Falls which I mentioned above.
The water is inviting us to take a plunge but we didn’t bring any extra clothes.
Unlike the first falls, I was disappointed with Caunayan Falls. On our way here we are force to pay P40.00 on the first virtual-gate and P20.00 for the second (this is because of the right of way issue on the location of the falls) and additional P10.00 on your entrance on the exact location.
I forgot to ask the price, you can rent this kubo for your picnic while swimming below the falls.
Digisit Falls, one word: WOW! This falls is located in the corner of the main road, it was so breath taking to see. While riding on the tricycle – on my left the sea and on my right – the falls. Two wonders in one.
Check out the main-road fence, so close to the falls. Really cool!

More pictures of Baler Falls here.


Baler offers beaches other than its popular surf spots, each with enchanting rock formations and their own unique charm.

I love the rock formation here, just be careful because the edges are too sharp. Not for clumsy like me 😀
Mr. Hermit is camera shy.

Check out more pictures of Disigit Beach here.

Early in the morning Baler Policemen jog on the shore
Sunrise at Baler
Simple life 🙂


The Fishport is situated along the coast of Cemento Beach. This is where ships take on or discharge cargo from the nearby towns and provinces.

We arrived here late in the afternoon so we didn’t get to see fishermen and boats
Old rusty Fishing vessel docked on the port

 Check out more pictures of Disigit Beach here.


Manong told us that long time ago (1735 to be exact) there was a huge Tsunami on Baler, few people have escaped this incident by climbing the hills.

Memory of the Tsunami escape as portrait by the statues
Great spot to take a panoramic view of the nearby beach
This cross is located at the top of the Hill, and is seen during night from the town because of the installed lights around it.
Was so sad to hear that this is the last animal under Mira Hill’s care, I hope local tourism office relocate him on a better place

Check out more pictures of Ermita Hill here.


This park contains a 600-year-old balete tree that was designated the official “Millennium Tree” of The Philippines. It is the largest tree of its kind in Asia, and it would take 60 grown men, holding one another at arm’s length, to encircle its gigantic trunk.

Due to its age, the tree’s thick roots have grown above ground, such that caves have formed under various sections of the trunk. This unique tree has generated national media attention and is now the most visited tourist spot in Aurora.

Look how huge is the tree.
Inside the creepy old Tree

Check out more pictures of Mellinium Tree here.


One effective way to learn about the place that you are visiting is the Museum, as a travel fanatic we never miss this to drop by at the museum and beside it’s your free ticket to know the place.

The statue of late Pres. Quezon at the center of Quezon Park
Bahay Kubo or the Nipa Hut where late Pres. Quezon live during his childhood
Vintage Presedential Car
Inside the museum are several artifacts and painting reflecting town of Baler
Quezon House, I love how they take good care of this historical house, well maintain 🙂
The Painting of the couple, late Pres. Quezon and Aurora


The province can be accessed from Manila via two routes, the Canili-Pantabangan road and the Baler-Bongabon Road. The former leads into the town of Maria Aurora. Some portions of the road are very steep. The latter route leads to the town of San Luis and ends in Baler. This route is more commonly used. The use of public transportation is recommended for traveling to Baler. Driving a personal vehicle to Baler may be difficult, given the long drive through rough, narrow and zigzagging mountain roads. Through the joint efforts of Senator Edgardo Angara and Governor Bella Angara-Castillo, the Baler-Bongaban Road has been largely paved with cement. This cuts travel time by almost two hours, making it a more comfortable trip for private vehicle travelers. Sport utility vehicles are highly recommended.From time to time, the Baler-Bongabon road is inaccessible due to landslides and typhoons.Travelers are advised to contact locals, local government offices or public transportation companies which have routes to/from Aurora for information on which route is ideal to use at any given time.

Land Transportation
Your own vehicle. Estimated travel time is 5-6 hours. If this is your first time to visit Baler, we recommend the next transpo option.

Cubao-Baler Bus.  Estimated travel time is 5-8 hours (Ordinary Bus, Airconditioned Bus) or 4 hours (Deluxe Bus with no stopovers)

Available Bus:
Genesis Bus Ordinary          400.00 (48 passenger-seat)
Genesis Bus DeLuxe              500.00  (18 passenger-seat)
Joy Bus Executive Coach    650.00  (no stop over, with lavatory, snacks, pillow and        blanket, stewardess)

For less-stress transpo, I suggest that you try Joy Bus 🙂

Bus Terminal: Dagupan Bus Lines. New York Street, Cubao, Quezon City, Manila.
Telephone Numbers: + 63 2 727 2330, + 63 2 929 6123, + 63 2 928 5639, + 63 2 727 2330, + 63 2 727 2287

For those who want to have a fast travel (45 minutes) from Manila to Baler a community airport named, Dr. Juan C. Angara Airport is available for you.


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  1. Baler really is a wonderful place. Your post encourage me to go back there now! 😀

  2. freeclimbers says:

    wow! nice adventure you got there! i am really trying to pursue a Baler trip someday

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