Sächsische Schweiz: Saxonian Switzerland National Park

A chance to travel at Germany gives me the opportunity not only to see the amazing castles but also to wander their beautiful and majestic scenery. And thanks to my ever accomodating buddy Torsten, I can now show you through this blog how lucky I am to experience climbing this wonderful hills. 🙂

Oh what a view!
Oh what a view!

Saxon Switzerland is a hilly climbing area and national park around the Elbe valley south-east of Dresden in Saxony, Germany. Together with the Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic it forms the Elbe Sandstone Mountains.

Saxon Switzerland alone has some 1,000 climbing peaks, as well as several hollows. The area is popular with Dresden locals and international climbers.


The Germany Railway: we took the train from Dresden along the Elbe River

Saxon Switzerland, via Dresden, is linked to a vast European rail network; “Deutsche Bahn” (German rail) offers a high speed, punctual service and convenient links between local towns.

From Dresden Hauptbanhof, take the train towards Stadt Wehlen (30mins). Walk towards the ferry F8 to Stadt Wehlen Fahrstelle am Markt. You can follow the locals too. From there, there is a public toilet about 50m away from the tourist info office- pay $0.50 for entry to toilet. Then, you can commence the walk.

Regional trains (“S-Bahn”) connect Dresden and Saxon Switzerland at least every 30 minutes during day time. They stop in Pirna, Obervogelgesang, Stadt Wehlen, Kurort Rathen, Königstein and Bad Schandau.

The Elbe River
The Elbe River, the view from railway

Unfortunately we don’t get a chance to see the Circus beside the Elbe’s River because we do not have that much time.

Our first stop
Our first stop

After an hour of climbing, time for some rest. We’re not yet reaching the top but the view is so amazing.


Did you know that there is a restaurant at the top of this mountain? Even if I cannot pronounce it correctly “Berggaststätte Papststein” serves the best Soljanka Soup (Yum yum), and I can never forget that ordering a cold beer here and a stunning outlook over the bizarre rocks are the best reward for a tiring ascent.

The Sign going up the resto
The Sign going up the resto
Berggaststätte Papststein
Berggaststätte Papststein
Berggaststätte Papststein
Resto: More Chairs Outside
Soljanka and Coffee
My breakfast: Yummy Soljanka and Hot Coffee

The landscape is so amazing and the area’s strangely eroded rock formations left a great impression. The trails are good to walk on and signs show the way.
Once inside the park you have the freedom to explore and go on any number of walks ranging in difficulty around the park. The basic circuit to the summit nearest the park takes about one hour (including stopping at lookouts and taking pictures).

Boulders and more boulders
Steep Rocks on our way up
Man-made stairs to help hikers
Pit-stop at the flat with other hikers
Pine trees everywhere
goofing around with Torsten
how to plank at the plateau? ask Andrey
or try my yoga pose, namaste Germany
Walking tracks are very well sign posted and well maintained. Though I really can’t understand what does this mean 😛
The Spooky Forest???
Time to rest again
On our way down the farm, found my favorite dog breed
Mountain view from the town
My two hiking buddies: Andrey and Torsten

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