Castle Hopping Series: {Schloss Moritzburg}

Moritzburg Castle is a Baroque palace in Moritzburg, in the German state of Saxony, about 13km northwest of the Saxon capital, Dresden. The castle has four round towers and lies on a symmetrical artificial island. It is named after Duke Moritz of Saxony, who had a hunting lodge built there between 1542 and 1546. The surrounding woodlands and lakes have been a favorite hunting area of the electors and kings of Saxony.

Do I look like a princess now?
Do I look like a princess now?

The Castle named after Duke Moritz who had placed his hunting trophies in the building. The hunting trophies are still there and dominate the whole castle. The current building was an idea of August the Strong, the King of Saxony who had become the King of Poland. August was also the king who forced the alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger to generate gold from waste. Böttger has “invented” the European porcelain instead which is being produced in Meissen. Some excellent pieces can be seen in Moritzburg.

Entrance of the castle
Entrance of the castle

Certainly a must! This wonderful castle a well hunting lodge actually, is a glorious sight as you approach driving down the street. The almost golden castle at the end. It Felt like you are stepping back in time.

The gorgeous weather we had certainly added to it. The renovations are coming along and I guess it will be work in progress for sometime, but there is still plenty to see.

Romantic place
Romantic place

The castle is in the middle of an artificial lake, with a very nice garden. It is so beautiful! The water around it, the birds, the park behind the castle with all the flowers in it, absolutely ROMANTIC!

scene in a movie?
a scene in a movie?

How to go here:

Catch the Dresden Steam Train to Moritzburg Castle from Radebeul Ost train station just outside of Dresden.

Radebeul Ost is on the S1 train line, which leaves from Dresden Hauptbahnhof, Dresden Mitte or Bahnhof Neustadt. The alternative is to take the number 4 Tram which runs through Postplatz.
Disembark the train at Radebeul-Ost station. On exiting the station you will see the glossy black steam train puffing out a thick cloud of white, waiting to be boarded. Tickets can be purchased directly from the conductor. Find time table of the Dresden Steam Train to Moritzburg Castle and ticket information here.

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