Castle Hopping Series: {The Zwinger Palace}

The location was formerly part of the Dresden fortress of which the outer wall is conserved. The name derives from the German word Zwinger (outer ward of a concentric castle); it was for the cannons that were placed between the outer wall and the major wall. The Zwinger was not enclosed until the neoclassical building by Gottfried Semper called the Semper wing was built to host the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister art gallery.

Magnificent architecture

Originally built for the wedding celebration of the king son with the emperor daughter, Zwinger is still a place of happy feelings. First historical building to be rebuilt after the WWII, is really nice and if you want to live his magic atmosphere have a walk along the path over the buildings…much better if you go there at sunset when lights of the museums of the Zwinger and the changing light of the day give to this place an amazing atmosphere

Magnificent architecture
The gate

Do not leave without taking some photos in the grounds of the zwinger. The sculptures, garden, fountains and everything was worth taking some time to admire. If you have enjoyed the Saxony scenery in the Grand Budapest Hotel, then you need to swing by the zwinger to see it for yourself. You can walk around and have very nice views from the upper part, from the balcony you can see the river and a part of town.

The Garden

A nice piece of architecture that was not destroyed during world war II. This is placed in the center of the city and the tourists cannot miss this by any chance.

The pond so relaxing
The pond so relaxing

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