Hongkong-Macau TipidTrip: Cheapest way to travel Day 3

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Macau TipidTrip: Day3 The other part of Macau

Day 3 Itinerary:

08:00   Check out and breakfast
10:00    MTR to Central Stroll around
11:00    Lunch and Check Octopus credit
12:00   Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal
14:00   Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal
15:00   Macau Arts and Culture Walk Tour
17:00   Senado Square Tour + Ruins of St. Paul and Mount Fortress
19:00   Bus26A to Airport
19:30   Dinner at Airport
20:00  Check in at Macau Airport
22:00  Flight to Manila


08:00     Check out and breakfast
Our last day of the trip, this time we wake up a bit late. We’re really exhausted on our walk-tour yesterday. We had our breakfast at Ah Mah Kitchen at Prince Edward before going to our next destination.

Meal Rice: 7 HKD
Drinks @ 7HKD I recommend their milk tea
While walking around I found this curious bakeshop and because I love pastries though my tummy is full I bought some and decided that this will be my lunch.

10:00-11:00     MTR to Central Stroll around/Lunch

Caffee Mocha Venti in HK a little bit cheaper than Macau @ HKD43

11:00     Check and Refund Octopus credit
Before leaving HK do not forget to refund the remaining value of your Octopus Card.  To do this just go to any MTR Customer Service Centre to apply for a refund. In my two days here in HK, I still had 50HKD on my card.

Standard On-Loan Octopus Price: Deposit $50 + Stored Value $100 = Price HK$150

12:00     Hongkong Macau Ferry Terminal

Waiting for the ferry

Before going to our next destination we decided to avail the Ferry Terminal Luggage Service.

  • Luggage storage service is available at both Hong Kong and Macau ferry terminals.
  • Rate: HKD/MOP 20 per piece per hour

This is highly recommended if you will be following my walking tour 🙂

Macau Arts and Culture Walk Tour
Macau Arts and Culture Walk Tour Map

List of attraction:

  1. Macau Fisherman’s Wharf
  2. Macao Science Centre
  3. Macao Cultural Centre
  4. Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre
  5. A-Ma Temple

15:00     Macau Arts and Culture Walk Tour

Fisherman’s Wharf, feels like Rome
Macau Science Centre
Macao Cultural Centre
Kun Iam Ecumenical Centre
A-Ma Temple

17:00  Senado Square Tour + Ruins of St. Paul and Mount Fortress

east meets west
Senado Square Tour Map

List of attractions:

  1. Senado Square
  2. St. Augustine’s Square
  3. St. Joseph’s Seminary and Church
  4. St. Lawrence’s Church
  5. Moorish Barracks
  6. Mandarin’s House
  7. Lilau Square
  8. A-Ma Temple
  9. Macau Maritime Museum
  10. Optional Ruins of St Paul
  11. Ruins of St. Paul
  12. Mount Fortress
Maritime Museum of Macau

On our way to Senado Square we find these super cutie backgrounds which represent Macau…

The famous cookie
The Ruins of Saint Paul
The Guia Fortress
The Mandarin House
Rua de Lilau
Moorish Barracks
St. Laurence Church
St. Laurence Church
St. Augustine's Square
St. Augustine’s Square
St. Joseph Seminary
St. Joseph Seminary
The Senado Square
From Portuguese egg tarts to almond cookies to durian ice-cream to Pork Chop buns to dim sum to Crab Congee you can find all these in this area, they will even beg you for a free taste
You’ll never be lost in Macau everywhere there is a “Kababayan”. From Casinos to Shops to Restaurant as if you have never left Philippines 🙂
Ruins of Saint Paul
Mount Fortress, feels like Intramuros
Canyons in the walls

19:00  Airport
From Senado Square you can ride Bus 3, 3A, 10 or 10A to the Ferry Terminal. We pickup our bags and paid around 70MOP for the luggage storage.

We had a little misadventure on our way back to the Airport, I was telling my husband and friend that we should take the free bus to the Casinos and from there take the bus going to the Airport. Unfortunately due to majority decision we decided to ride Bus 26 which is heading to the BORDER OF CHINA! If you are thinking that this is scary you’re definitely RIGHT, we’re freaking out. Everyone in the border doesn’t understand English, luckily there is a group of yuppies who help us and suggest that we ride the taxi directly to the airport.  If you’re planning to take the public bus from the Ferry Terminal pls. make sure it is Bus26A or better yet take the free casino shuttle.

19:30   Dinner at Airport

20:00  Check in at Macau Airport
22:00  Flight to Manila


Hong Kong to Macau ferry vs. versa – 164 + 154 HKD = 318 HKD
Food –  150 HKD
Transportation – 80 HKD

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