ByahengNorte: Bomod-Ok Falls

The word Bomod-Ok simply means big and so this is also known as the big falls in Sagada. Bomod-ok Falls is one of the priority destinations in Sagada. Although time-consuming and physically draining, the trek to the Big Falls is all worth it. You have spectacular view of the rice terraces, get mesmerized by the sheer strength of the falls, get acquainted with the locals.

with our sticks, getting ready to trek down pass through a village then head to the falls
lovely path

The trek to Bomod-Ok Falls is both a cultural end ecological experience in the North Sagada area. One can take a shuttle to Fidelisan Village, where a guide can lead you to the falls. The guide hands a walking stick, foreboding of a long journey. The first part is the descent to Fidelisan Village, the first settlement in Sagada.

passing the rice terraces

The route also passes through Potong Mountain, considered sacred by locals and the rocks are used as means if divination. This is followed by walk through the terraces. And a final descent to the falls. Finally, you can take a refreshing dip in the very cold water while enjoying the view of the gushing water. The trek going out may follow another route through another village, where some of the tombs are located adjacent to the houses.

the river last landmark before the falls
the bridge, used by the locals for transporting goods to the other village
Finally the breath-taking view of the falls

In order to reach the Bomod-ok Falls, one must hire the services of a Trek Guide from the Tourism Office of the Town Hall. The trek guides should be coming from and are certified Trek and Tourist Guides of the Sagada Environmental Guides Associated (SEGA) where they are acquainted and have the better knowledge on its vicinity. Other way is to get in touch with the Sagada Genuine Guides Association (SAGGAS). Both of them have its own prices depending on the number of trekkers.


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