ByahengNorte: Kiltepan Viewpoint, not just for broken-hearted soul

The famous Kiltepan Peak is 45mins away from the main town of Sagada by walking and would only took 20 minutes if you have a vehicle. One of Sagada’s famous destination. Tourist/travelers woke up early in the morning to witness this Gods amazing master piece.

So many tourist, waiting for the sun to rise
No we didn’t see the sunrise but still the view is breath-taking

It’s a worth a moment to see the sunrise in Kiltepan. however, it wasn’t our day to see sea of cloud during the sunrise. Nevertheless, standing there, taking in the cold, nature and the sunrise seemed to be the perfect way to end my trip to Sagada. I recommend it to anyone who’s making the long, grueling trip up north. It’s well worth all the hassle you had to go through just to get to the top (quite literally).

#myforever #may forever sa Kiltepan LOL



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