ByahengNorte: Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave Connection

Lumiang and Sumaguing cave is part of the cave connections’ underground hike route you can follow. Mostly, you enter the caves through Lumiang cave. But it’s also possible to only hike the Lumiang track, although it is suggested to do both hikes and exit through Sumaging cave. The entrance is remarkable because of the piled coffins against the rock walls.There’s a sign asking you not to open the coffins or steal anything inside. We hiked through both caves in 4 hours. We can say it was thé highlight of our stay in Sagada.

This is where we are heading, the cave connection is under this rocks

You can reach Sumaging Cave after a quick hike from the main road. You might miss the entrance to the trail if you don’t pay attention to the sign “Sumaging Cave” at the corner of the street.

Way going to Sumaging entrance
Trail going down, we’re excited
There is a very big drop at the entrance of the Sumaging Cave. One can see the deep ravine that might scare one from proceeding with the spelunking.

The tour definitely isn’t for the faint hearted; you need to be relatively fit and unafraid of being trapped miles underground in confined spaces wading through water which, at times, reaches as high as your chest.

If you think I’m exaggerating the dangers, according to our guides a group of tourists and guides were trapped in the cave by rising underground water for two days before being rescued. One member of their group slipped and was washed away by strong currents; the cave was  shut off for weeks afterwards while they searched for her body.

Coffins can be observed at the right side of the entrance of the Sumaging Cave. There are no coffins noted at the Lumiang Cave.
Groupie inside the cave

Guide Fee will cost you PHP2,400/6 pax


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