ByahengNorte: Orange Picking at Sagada Rock Farm

Sagada oranges are in season from September-February (the best ones are picked fresh in December). So if you are planning to visit Sagada during these months I definitely recommend that you include orange picking on your itinerary.

It’s getting dark and raining but you cannot stop us, we’re really excited to pick and eat these oranges

We visit Rock Inn Farm late in the afternoon after our tiring trek from Bomod-Ok Falls. It was raining and is getting dark but we still decided to push our journey and I’m really happy that we did.


My husband is so careful, trying to cut the branch correctly
Not so orangy but I think we can pick this too

Before entering the farm, the receptionist will explained the Dos and Dont’s inside the farm. You have to listen carefully otherwise you will be penalize if you don’t obey their rules. If you accidentally break a branch while picking the orange you will pay for the whole tree. The care taker explains that trees are all grafted. Grafting Trees is very time-consuming and can also take considerable time and labor.

Strategy is the key, you can eat all you want for free
I love the smell of the ripe oranges so refreshing

Entrance to the farm cost Php50 where you can eat all the oranges you picked there for 30 minutes. If you want to take home some oranges you picked, then it would cost you Php60 per kg.


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