ByahengNorte: Sagada’s Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

The Parish Wheel at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church

One does not need a guide to go/visit the Echo Valley where one can walk to and visit the 13 hanging coffins. From the town center of Sagada, inquire where the Church of St. Mary the Virgin (Episcopal Church ) is located. It is about 5-10 minutes away from the town center.

St. Mary`s Episcopal Church
Sagada’s Cemetery

Use the steps to reach the public cemetery of Sagada. Proceed with your walk until you see some clearing, the Echo Valley. Shout ” Hello there, can you hear me now?” and listen to the echo of your shout. Admire the beauty of the valley, the pine trees and hills around you plus the neighborhood in the horizon.

Hanging coffins – follow the trails of the Echo Valley that go down to the area where the hanging coffins are located. Other than the Sumaging Cave, this is the only area in Sagada where one can see the hanging coffins. The one near the town center has only one hanging coffin.

A very easy trail to trek with a very rewarding view at one of the cliffs

There are two viewpoints in which you can see a set of hanging coffins. The first one is near the cemetery and the other one is a little bit of walk away from the cemetery. The former is a bit farther away, but the latter is nearer and you can detour there before resuming your Echo Valley journey.

The hanging coffins on the cave

Enjoy your visit of the Echo Valley. Do your meditation, say your prayers and rest from your recent spelunking.

rock foramtion that looks like a dog

Entrance Fee is PHP200/6pax


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