two centuries old church on the top of the hill

This church has magnificent views and there are many picture spots both of the surrounding picturesque vistas and of the church itself. It is good to note that this church was made of volcanic rock and so one can appreciate the architecture and the labor that it took to build, including any attempts to restore and protect it.

The front of the church

Formally known as NUESTRA SENORA DE LA PORTERIA, the Church was built by the Franciscans in 1773. It is where the churchgoers of Cagsawa transferred to hear mass after their church was ruined during the Mt. Mayon eruption in 1814.

Details on the stone

The interior is simple but appropriately fittng based on the age, history and materials of the building.

Mayon View from the church
The Hall of Saints

Inside you will find the Hall of Saints and a little History Museum. There are 12 saints in the room and old pictures of the Church history.

I’m an Agnostics, I’m not identify with a religion but I always make sure to include Old Churches on my itinerary, by visiting this stuctures you will learn the history and culture of the town you are visiting.

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