With the shy Mayon hiding from the cloud, the view is so breath taking.

One of the hidden gems of Camalig, Bicol’s version of famous chocolate hills only its shape resembles the region’s famous pili nuts. It is hidden in the sense that most Albayanos are not even aware of it. But for visitors and locals who travel by plane to Legazpi, an impressive aerial view of these hills is one of the first things that welcomes them when the plane approaches Legazpi Domestic Airport.

Our hiding place from the harsh heat of the sun

Planning to go within the trails of the hills is not that difficult. In your arrival, you will be welcomed by the tourism officer. The tourists will also be required to write their names on their logbook and pay Php 20.00 for environmental fee. During the briefing, instructions on what trails and how to climb the hill would be discussed. There are pathways with wooden railings on site designed for the tourists. From the top, you can oversee the silhouette of the Mayon Volcano. You can also feel the fresh and cold breeze from the surrounding.

Aside from hill climbing, activities such as camping is not yet advisable by the tourism officers. As of now, information regarding the hills is not that abundant for the reason that it is yet to be explored.

Our new found friends from Bicol University

For those who are interested in climbing the green hills, you may contact Municipal Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office headed by Jed Villanueva wherein the staffs are more than excited to accompany you in the said area plus similar destinations like Japanese Tunnel at Lingnon Hill and Mt. Kitwinan.

Quitinday Green Hills is a landscape not yet explored and soon to be developed. A formation of hills waiting to be experience.

How to get here:

From Camalig proper, ask a tricycle driver or a habal-habal to bring you in Quitinday hills cost Php100.00 – Php125.00/head or Php500 for the whole tricycle or depending on your haggling skill.


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