I am hydrophobic and I have my monthly period but this doesn’t stop me from doing the Canyoneering activity that I had prepared during our visit at Badian located at the south part of Cebu and thank God that I did. Conquering my fear of waterfall jumping is a big check on my bucketlist.

Unfortunately I do not have any good shots and videos to share here, and for those who are planning to include this activity my suggestion is leave your cellphone and dslr it won’t do here. If you have extra cash pls. do your self a favor of buying an action camera with extra battery.

Groupie shot with our new friends from New Zealand who enjoys jumping on the falls

Hotel Sister’s Inn at Moalboal, Cebu help us booked our Canyoneering activity. The guide fee (head guide and sweeper) and safety gears like life vests and helmets (some with aqua shoes), including transportation (tricycle, bus and habal-habal) will cost PHP1,500/pax (government-mandated price). Our reliable guide kuya Johnny Zabala pick us at our hotel around 6:30am, we headed directly to the registration office (30mins travel via bus from Moalboal Town) for the orientation on the do’s and don’ts about Canyoneering. They will be asking you to sign a waiver before you can start the activity.

Do’s and Dont’s
DO wear life vests regardless of how good you swim, and helmets all the time.
DO wear proper footwear like trekking shoes or aqua shoes.
DO wear leggings to avoid cuts and scratches during the jump/climb.
DO always listen and follow your tour guide.
DO hydrate before the activity or bring a drinkable water.
DO pack light and avoid unnecessary things to bring
DO canyoneering early so fewer people are there

DO NOT jump anywhere you feel to, ask your tour guide first.
DO NOT throw trash anywhere, just put it in your pocket, please.
DO NOT bring gadgets, that might get wet. If you really wanted to bring, put it in a RELIABLE dry bag.

I am personally endorsing him in this post, maybe due to my monthly period I had a severe headache after my first and second jump. Kuya Johnny made an extra effort to massage my head and immediately look for a store selling a pain reliever. He also help us find the habal-habal who took us on our Osmena Peak activity. He even suggest and help us find the restaurants for our dinner after the climb. If you would like to get in touch with him his contact number is 09754512640, thank you Kuya Johnny we really enjoy your company 🙂

Kuya Johnny with Daddie

From the registration office, you will be traveling via habal-habal around 20mins to the jump-off. The whole activity will take around 4 hours but can take 6 hours for a bigger group. You can choose between downstream canyoneering which is from Kanlaob River in Algeria to Kawasan Falls or upstream canyoneering, Kawasan Falls to Kanlaob River. If you are a beginner, I suggest downstream first since upstream is pretty difficult. In downstream, you’ll be jumping, swimming and walking while in upstream, replace that jump with a climb.

Fueling up for the where on halfway to Kawasan Falls

After the tiring jump, walk, trek and swimming at the middle of your route down to Kawasan there will be a foodie haven waiting for you so you can recharge again. Several locals from Algeria are selling grilled hotdogs, BBQ and Puso/hanging rice. This will definitely give you strength on the next 30feet  jump in which I skip (Thank God this is optional because I’m too scared).

My friend jumping on the 40ft.

Jumping on cold water from the falls is an easy task for our New Zealand friends but for me it was a test that required every ounce of courage and willpower. One thing was sure, though, everyone had a lot of fun!

We wanted to stay here for a while but we have another activity to catch.We wanted to stay here for a while but we have another activity to catch.

The clear water is inviting us to plunge, but due to our tight schedule we continue our journey down. My Cebu visit will be incomplete without Canyoneering, I am inviting everyone to try this, forget about you fears of water and you will surely never regret and love the experience.


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