If you will ask me what is my favorite place in Luzon, my answer is Palawan.
I wanted to share our DIY tour, budget and tips on how you can maximize your travel if you are planning to visit Coron and Culion Palawan.

In below itinerary I placed Culion on the first day mainly because it is quite hard to travel here especially if you are planning to take the public ferry. We also anticipate that if there will be any mishap on the transportation going back in Coron we still have plenty of time to adjust our plans. We stay less than 24hrs in this island and our limited time restrict us to visit the other tourist spot. We are planning to go back again in May, I suggest that you allot at least 2-3 days to fully enjoy what this island can offer.

*Public Ferry Schedule*
Coron-Culion: 2PM
CulionCoron: 7AM

Day 1: Culion Tour
7:30AM Coron Arrival
8:00AM van to Coron Port
9:00AM Register names on passenger’s book.
11:00AM Find Tour agencies for Coron island and Town tour
12:00Noon Lunch
1:00PM Back in Coron Port
2:00PM Boat ride to Culion
3:30PM Start of Town Tour (Culion Museum, Church, and Fort)

Since the museum will be closing at 4PM, we go directly here when we arrived at the town.

5:00PM Book a room at Tabing Dagat Lodging House & Restaurant
5:30PM Start of Sunset Tour c/o CulionTour Arrangement&TownGuiding Plus
7:00PM Buy some fish on the local market
8:00PM Dinner with the locals
11:00PM Back at hotel
5:00AM Hotel Checkout
5:30AM Early hike on Mt. Agila Hill
6:00AM Breakfast with the locals
7:00AM Travel back to Coron Town

Day1 Expenses (per pax):
– Van: PHP250.00
– Ferry: PHP400.00
– Tricycle: PHP10.00/ride
Hotel: PHP1,000.00
Food: PHP200.00
Museum: PHP100.00
Coron Island Tour: PHP1,200.00
Coron Town Tour: PHP500.00

Day 2: Coron Town Tour

9:00AM Hotel check in (K-Heights Inn)I love the simplicity and the size of the room, our booking also includes free breakfast.

10:00AM Explore other part of Coron Town, meet localsCoron Shipyard, this is where they repair and build the banca/boat.

12:00Noon Lunch at Lolo Nonoys

3:00PM Back at hotel to freshen up
4:00PM Start of Town Tour ( San Agustin Church, Municipal Hall and Park, Coron Souvenir, Mt. Tapyas, Coron Harvest and Maquinit Hot Spring)Mt Tapyas – a climb of more than 700 steps would take you to the summit where a gigantic cross and an amazing view will be the reward for all your efforts
The Maquinit Hot Springs is one of the only few saltwater hot springs in the world. The pool temperature plays between 37° to 40° Celsius. While it certainly takes time to adjust the body to the temperature, remember that it gets more soothing and more therapeutic later on. Just don’t stay in the water too long.

09:00PM Dinner at Hooha Mami and Pares
10:00PM Back at Hotel

Day2 Expenses (per pax)
– Tricycle: PHP10.00/ride
Food: PHP300.00 -PHP400.00 for lunch and dinner

Day 3: Coron Island Tour 
We booked our Town and Island Tour with Be Cool Travel and Tours. For our Island tour we avail the “Coron Ultimate Tour” which includes the following Island:
Siete Picandos – I was surprised at how close Siete Picados was to Coron Town (Poblacion). It was 6-10 minutes to the East from the harbor. All of a sudden you’re in the middle of these separate, arbitrary, beautiful small rock formations, floating over clear water gleaming with colorful fish. Jump in and it’s pretty crazy.
It’s a protected marine park, but of course there is some coral damage. Being so very close to town, it is surprising at how maintained and healthy the ecosystem really is! It is teeming with life and the best of the nearest most accessible places to go snorkeling by Coron Town. If you are island-hopping and exploring, it’s one of the best options for the perfect in-between.

Twin Lagoon – The view inside the lagoon is breath taking. The steep walls, the colors of green and blue and grey that just take your breath away. You feel so small in the huge lagoon, but its a sight to see. The bamboo raft is a nice idea as we had fun taking pictures and jumping off the raft. The small tunnel you pass through to get to the lagoon adds excitement and makes small but unique experience.

Banol Beach – The waters are crystal clear, as in you can see everything in the water. There are lots of picture taking opportunities with a cliff, lots of boulders that make great picture sites and clear blue waters. We had lunch here and I had a short nap as well before we went to our next destination.

CYC Beach – A public beach with a long shallow sand approach , one can enjoy the short walk on the submerged sand while enjoying the 360 degrees view. Swim on shallow waters , take lots of pictures in this islet.

Green Lagoon- If you wanted to escape the crowded twin lagoon, then this serene lagoon is all yours. The serene surrounding and magnificent view is so relaxing.

Baracuda Lake –is less visited than its more famous counterpart, Kayangan Lake. It is for its deep plunge in the center, which attracts divers with the unique experience of brackish haloclines and thermoclines. The short walk there is a GREAT experience, and just as much of an attraction as the lake itself.
Your boat floats towards what seems to be a stone fortress. Disembark for an amazing walk on wooden planks through ravines and crevices, surrounded by sharp foreboding ancient limestone. A crack in between the rocks leads to your destination. There is something silently mysterious about the place, and even eerie.
Our guide took this video from below, I wish I could free dive like him but I don’t even know how to swim 😛

Day3 Expenses (per pax)
Food: PHP150.00 dinner

Day 4 (Market Tour)
Everybody love pasalubong, you can find the cheapest at the local market but if you happen to book your ticket with luggage allowance like us you can buy assorted sea foods from the wet market. A kilo of Lapu-lapu is just PHP120.00, large Dalagang Bukid is PHP100.00, Pusit is PHP100.00, Lobster is a bit pricey for PHP1,000.00. You just need to buy a styrobox with ice and pack it properly.

If you don’t have any luggage allowance alternative pasalubongs are variety of dried fish for PHP50-150.00 per pack, Roasted Cashew PHP100.00/pack, a big pack of Cashew Tart for PHP200.00 and of course Ref Magnets and Keychain for PHP50.00/each.
Before heading back home we had our last lunch at Hohaa! Mami at Pares. A two thumbs up for budget travelers, I recommend the Sisig (PHP60.00) and Pares Mami (PHP65.00). You can find them near Iglesia ni Cristo at the foot of Mt. Tapyas.



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