La Union: Old Spanish Watch Tower and Luna Pebble Beach

The restored Baluarte/Watch Tower now looks like an odd combination of old adobe and coral blocks with new light colred red bricks. It stands on an embarkment that restores the former level of Luna’s famous Pebble Beach.
Before the restoration, the watchtower stands in disarray- vertically cut in two because of eroded base and foundation. Its two halves stand with concrete post supports on its sides. While La Union is known mostly for its sandy shores and surf, in the town of Luna you can find a beautiful coast facing the West Philippine Sea lined with multicolored pebbles. In fact, the town has been nicknamed “the pebble capital of the North” because of the landscape and its thriving stone-picking industry. The best time to go here is during sun set.

How to get here?
From Luna town proper, go to Valdez Street near St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish. There’s another road there going to the Pebble Beach. There are some sacks of pebbles along that road for sale.

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