La Union: Pindangan Ruins

Pindangan Ruins is located adjacent to Carmelite monastery. The place is a bit off the main road, there are just a few structures surviving but there is lush greenery and flowers. The Virgin Mary still stands at the end where it was the altar before and the outer walls of the former church with its arches were still intact. Beside the ruins is a Carmelite Monastery with a small chapel, and has food and religious article store.
The ruins’ buttresses and walls are still standing. An old well which supplied the area with cool water through the centuries, can still be found at the side of the church. The ruin’s made of corals and bricks, the enchanting well is still in good condition.

How to get here? (via commute)
From the town plaza hire a tricycle going to Pindangan or for a cheaper one , take a jeepney bound for either of these : Pagdalagan, Bauang, or Naguilian. But you have to get down along barangay Parian, just after Max’s restaurant (going south from plaza) some few meters away, there will be a waiting shed and a road going west (road to PNP RECOM1) follow that main road and it will lead you to the Carmelite Monastery where the ruins is.


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