La Union: Stone Hand Gallery

If there is a place that I enjoy visiting in La Union this is the one. This place will tickle your imagination. The stone sculptures are comical and very funny.

This is an open gallery where you can see stone arts, stone cravings, different stone colors and size.Korean sculptor and painter Bong Kim shows his mural of emoticons made of stone. Mr. Kim, who built his “bahay na bato” (Spanish-era traditional house) in this coastal village, has attracted visitors to his home because of his art – rendering various emoticons and faces of people in stone.
The gallery is mixed with 3D wall paintings, several canvass paintings, clay sculpture, and vases and plant pots decorated with pebble stones the students that he trained.

The gallery is filled with 90 stone sculptures depicting various subjects from people and animals to sea creatures real and imagined.

How to get here?
At the Bacnotan town proper look for the roadsign of Holcim Cement on the left. Take the route going westward till you see the Holcim Cement Factory near the Bacnotan coastal road, take the right and head north for about 15 kilometers. Go past the Darigayos Cove, and if you want some assurance you’re on the right track, ask any of the locals on the roadside for directions and they are more than willing to help. The signage of the attraction is on the left side.

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