La Union: The Coffee Library and Mami King

Finding a cheap foodie/resto for a frugal traveler during a trip is a win. Specially if the ambiance and the food are great.

As I have mentioned in my recent blog about Urbiztondo Area everything here is so pricey. It took us an hour to check each resto and stall just to see the menu finally, our hard work was rewarded.  At the side of the famous Tagpuan resto we find Mami King, the foodie here is so cheap but doesn’t compromise the taste. Mami and Arozcaldo is Php55, Puto and Dinuguan Php35, Tapsi is Php65.

And because I love coffee I request hubby to drop by at The Coffee Library, to our surprise their menu is quite affordable though I thought it wasn’t because the ambiance is “sosyal” or Starbucks-like. Ice Latte/Mocha is PHP110 and All-Day-Breakfast is PHP120-150.

How do we get here? Click for the direction.


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