Christmas Season in New Taipei

If you are planning to spend your Holiday Season in Taiwan I recommend that you include visiting Banqiao Christmasland.

Though Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Taiwan, folks around these parts are generally up for any excuse to engage in festivities so it hardly comes as a surprise that this most festive of western holidays has caught on somewhat on our predominantly Buddhist / Taoist / Tribal island nation. 

You’ll find this celebration of all things Christmas in the newly developed area around Banqiao train station. It’s a full-on Christmas fair with a market, a winter playground and carolers singing festive tunes. The neighborhood is also home to Mega City department store, so you can pick up some gifts for the family while there. This is among the most festive areas you’ll find in Taipei, and the entire area is decorated with Christmas lights and has a massive Christmas Tree at the center. It’s well worth a visit, but be warned—the area is always busy, but at Christmas it can be hectic, to say the least.

How to get here: You need to ride Taipei MRT Blue Lane, from Banqiao Station it’s a five minutes walk.


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  1. williambacky says:

    Awesome photo! Love the lights walk thru. Wish you had a few more photos posted.

  2. Thank you for reading William

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