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Hi my name is Jaie :), trying to be OPTIMISTIC as possible. I always believed the future is going to be better than the past and I have a role in it. Travelling for me is the greatest experiment. It brings forth curiosity and the urge to investigate the experience of being alive. When we travel we get out of the old and settled habits of our daily lives and feel inspired to see the world anew. This heightened sense of awareness stays with us when we go home and permanently influences our perspective on life.

Some people says travelling is considered to be a luxurious act but it doesn’t always have to be so! Travelling to any place doesn’t mean spending money especially and exorbitantly. After all, travelling is an act for gaining knowledge and not meant for showing-off.

For me I would rather spend my hard earned cash on travel rather than material things like signature shoes and clothes. Travelling rewards you with incredible memories, a broadened perspective, and spectacular photographs. I can promise you that a selfie with a scenic mountain or gorgeous beach beats another nightclub toilet snap!

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