One of the hidden gems of Camalig, Bicol’s version of famous chocolate hills only its shape resembles the region’s famous pili nuts. It is hidden in the sense that most Albayanos are not even aware of it. But for visitors and locals who travel by plane to Legazpi, an impressive aerial view of these hills…

Sächsische Schweiz: Saxonian Switzerland National Park

A chance to travel at Germany gives me the opportunity not only to see the amazing castles but also to wander their beautiful and majestic scenery. And thanks to my ever accomodating buddy Torsten, I can now show you through this blog how lucky I am to experience climbing this wonderful hills. 🙂

The never ending trail of Mt. Tapulao

29 hours climb in the making….if someone will ask me to go back here I would say thank you very much but… “NO”… 😛 Mt. Tapulao as they called it “Poor Man’s Pulag”… will definitely give you a heck of none stop walking… if you’re planning to trek this mountain pls. don’t forget to bring…

Conquering Mt. Kinabalu at 81 Years Old

Four years ago I start climbing mountains; my first encounter was with Mt. Pico de Loro. My mother mountain teaches me more than patience and endurance but also help me prove that I can overcome my health problem – “the inflammatory disorder”. Since then I became in love with trekking and dream of climbing more….